Vintage Inspired Up Styles For Natural Hair

So, we all know that anything vintage is totally hot right now, including hairstyles. From Hollywood glamour to shabby chic, there is just no way to go wrong. Here are 10 totally hot vintage inspired undos to incorporate into your fall to winter protective style regimen.


vintage 9

Twisted Updo

vintage 10


Halo Twist And Side Bun

vintage 11

 Classic Pompadour Styles

vintage 12



vintage 13 vintage 14 vintage 15 vintage 17 vintage 18

Secure Side Braid

protective 1

Image Source: Instagram user mandajesspanda

Chunky Twist Updo

protective 2

Image Source: Instagram user tiffanyville

Halo Crown Goddess Braids

protective 4

Click here to achieve this look…

Bohemian Braids

protective 5

Image Source: Instagram user mz_tammy

Halo Bun

vintage updo 1



Hidden Halo

Image Source: protective 7Instagram user kim_nettles

Floral Follicles

vintage 8

Image Source: Instagram user mz_tammyhttp


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