Meet The First & Youngest Black Female To Win A US Golf Open. Here’s What Else She’s Accomplished


Zakiya Randall has made history by being crowned the first African American & youngest lady to ever win first place in US Womens’ Golf Open Qualifier. This has seen her grace a thousand magazine covers and make headlines on many a sport newspapers. She has also been interviewed in many radios and TVs as journalists seek to unearth what really drives her and what really made her such a popular sportswoman despite her young age.

As though being crowned the victor in the US Women’s Golf Open Qualifier was not big an achievement, the young resplendent and chocolate complexioned lady has gone on to make a name for herself at the age of 17 by being the first woman in the US state of Georgia to ever win the Golf Championship level against all the amateur men who were competing against here.

Zakiya RandallAnother feather in her cap was beautifully inserted in 2002 when she was crowned the female Golf Player of the Year. Pomp and jubilee rent the air but this milestone did not deter the young lady’s yearn for being exceptionally good. Four years later in 2006, she was to again have the entire world marveled as she was the only Atlantan to ever win a medal and the first place in Women’s Open Local qualifier. Popular for her tee off skills, the young Zakiya Randall never ceases to amaze since each year she continues practicing golfing so that she may end up being really good in the sport.

Despite the many honors she has received, the resplendent and beautiful young lady continues to amaze many because of her undying humility, mirth and down to earth attitude. The athlete treats everyone with respect and carries herself so modestly that you will not know that she is indeed a heroine until a magazine or a newspaper with her as the cover photo lands into your hands.



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