How To Use Concealers For A Flawless Complexion

You all know that the main key to having great looking skin is a basic skin care regimen for your beautiful black skin. You cleanse, tone and moisturize your face.  However, even after you cleanse, tone and moisturize and find your skin in great condition, there are still little things that you might feel need some special attention.

This is where a makeup and concealers comes in. For instance, covering a mole, minimizing dark spots and touching up dark circles. These can all be handled with the use of a makeup or a concealer.

Some of you want the appearance of flawless skin. No marks, scars or uneven skin tones. Unless you are genetically coded and have been able to avoid scrapes, pimples, reactions to medication and the kiss of the sun … your skin will not be flawless. You can however, use a makeup and/or a concealer to help you achieve the “look/appearance” of flawless skin.

Why Do Dark Skin Beauties Use Makeup-Concealers?

I mentioned earlier that a lot of you want to minimize dark spots or touch up dark circles, with a concealer, that’s possible. You can actually change the shape of your face with the use of makeup concealers and contouring. Go figure!

Dark Circles have a tendency to make you look tired and your skin look dull. It’s been shown that by using a concealer that’s the exact color of your skin tone or a bit lighter than your skin tone and then applying your makeup over it, can hide dark circles.

Minimizing dark spots or uneven skin tone can be achieved by using a concealer that’s closest to your natural skin tone. A thin layer of makeup would then applied to blend and even out the your look. Finding the right shade of concealer is key, otherwise, your skin will appear blotched.

How To Use Makeup – Concealers

Remember, makeup  or concealers should never draw attention to your face. The should seamlessly blend with your skin. They come is various forms: paste, liquid and powder.

Anything powder can cake and crack giving the appearance of much older looking skin. That’s providing you use too much. There are concealers that come in small compacts now with different shades. They allow you to experiment and become your own professional makeup artist.

Paste can often be too thick and give a heavy look to your skin.

Liquids, when applied lightly can give your skin its best look.

Using a brush to apply your concealer is preferable. You can also use a clean cosmetic sponge. Using a brush enables you to dab the small spots using the small end. Using the brush to blend will not have your concealer sitting on top of your skin. For small areas use smaller brushes, larger areas warrant the use of larger brushes. Please clean your brushes after every use.


We can’t move forward without mentioning using your fingertips.  If you are going to use your finger tips and a lot of you do, make sure to clean your hands first.  You don’t ever want to go into your makeup with dirty hands. You’re asking for a breading ground for bacteria.  And with any of the tools,  “Light” application and blending is key.

Your Beautiful Black Skin

If you’ve followed all the rules of having a black skin care regimen, you might find that you won’t need to apply any concealer or make up. A bronzer might be just enough coverage for you.

However, if you choose to use a makeup – concealer, don’t for get to set it with translucent powder.


written by Juliette Samuel,

article found @
Nyraju Skin Care

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