Our ever faithful coconut oil does so much more than you can imagine. With winter still freezing us, try these awesome uses of coconut oil to get amazing results! We bet you would have never thought of some of these tricks before! What You Need: Coconut oil, baking soda, your favorite lipstick, sugar, cotton pads. Difficulty Level: As

Discovering the best shape for your eyebrows without sacrificing their natural appearance is what you want to accomplish when shaping your brows. Pencil thin or overly bushy eyebrows are dated looks that can be distracting rather than enhancing. Just as the shape of a mustache can drastically change the appearance of a man’s face, the

  Turbans can be a super chic and creative way to protect your hair during the winter months. The key to creating the look you desire is all in the technique. Once you have mastered the twists and tucks of the turban, its then all about completing the style with accessories. Whether with a statement necklace,

  Cooler temperatures are on the way. Whats a natural girl to do with her tresses?  Well, there is no need to worry.  Here are a few  protective styles for inspiration:   Halo Updo   Twisted Knot  Faux Updo Crochet Braid High Bun Side Twist High Bun