When I spotted a headline on Facebook about Vogue putting an actual and factual Black woman with cornrows on the cover, I had to click the link. Lately, there’s been a ton of love for braided styles….only not on Black women. Between video tutorials teaching tweens how to get Katy Perry’s “boxer braids,” to Kim Kardashian-West trying to rename cornrows the

Our ever faithful coconut oil does so much more than you can imagine. With winter still freezing us, try these awesome uses of coconut oil to get amazing results! We bet you would have never thought of some of these tricks before! What You Need: Coconut oil, baking soda, your favorite lipstick, sugar, cotton pads. Difficulty Level: As

Question: I have some scarring on my face. Can you recommend make-up to conceal it? ‘If the scars are fresh, do not apply make-up until any stitches are removed and the skin has healed,’ says Dr Noor Almaani, a consultant dermatologist at The Private Clinic of Harley Street. ‘Keep your routine simple and try to

What kind of eyeliner do you use? Do you know about the different types that are available and how they wear? I’m going to share 4 basic types of eyeliner . Many of you makeup lovers know all about this, but this guide is meant for the beginners (or the less makeup-savvy). Use this guide

When you’re braving bitter cold and dealing with multi-layer socks and winter boots, it makes sense that you don’t venture to the nail salon quite so often. BUT that’s no excuse to neglect your feet. If they’re doing the hard work of clomping through the snow every day, they arguably require your attention more than

Whether it’s hot or cold there are 4 oils that can help keep your skin hydrated and invigorated and provide your skin with a bright and radiant glow. Oils from certain fruits, nuts and herbs can provide amazing benefits for your skin when it comes to healing wounds and protecting it from the sun. I