4 Must Have Oils For Clear, Youthful, Radiant Looking Skin!

Whether it’s hot or cold there are 4 oils that can help keep your skin hydrated and invigorated and provide your skin with a bright and radiant glow.

Oils from certain fruits, nuts and herbs can provide amazing benefits for your skin when it comes to healing wounds and protecting it from the sun. I know, some of you are thinking oil on African American skin, isn’t that a no no?

Not always. Some oils actually help in balancing your skin’s pH and lipid content to improve its health. What does that mean for you? Clear, youthful, radiant looking skin.

Here are 4 oils that will help invigorate and hydrate your beautiful black skin:

Red Raspberry Seed Oilred rasberry seed oil

We’re always looking for a sun protection agent to combat the UV rays. Did you know that Red raspberry seed oil has the ability to naturally protect your skin from the damaging effects of UV sun exposure.

Red raspberry is excellent as an antioxidant. It also has superior anti inflammatory properties for your skin.


Sweet Almond Oil

sweet almond oilWe’re very familiar with sweet almond oil. It is a nourishing oil that’s packed with Vitamin A, B, B2 and B6. It also has refined and unsaturated essential fatty acids which are recommended to treat skin challenges like psoriasis, eczema and dry skin.

Sweet almond oil is great for all skin types and has an amazing combination of skin healing properties.



Cranberry Seed Oil

cranberry seed oilCranberry seed oil naturally contains a balanced ratio of omega 3-omega 6 fatty acids. It absorbs well into your skin, this allows for great hydration.

This oil is even good for acne prone skin.




Sea Buckthorn Oil

sea oilThis oil is known as the tissue healer. It’s also know to even your skin tone and texture, as well as improve skin issues like acne, eczema and psoriasis.

Sea Buckthorn has a high concentration of rare Omega 7 as well as Vitamin A and E. It intensely moisturizes and encourages cell turnover giving your skin a bright and healthy glow.

Whether your skin is dry, dehydrated or maturing, sea buckthorn oil is a very necessary oil for beautiful black skin.

Proper Use of Oils on Black Skin

It’s important to use these oils correctly, especially when you’re using them on your face.  If you place 2-3 drops of oil in the palm of your hand, your body temperature will warm the oil before you pat it onto your skin. This will ensure proper absorption.  It will also minimize the amount of tugging and pulling you do to your face.

If you’re using oil for the first time on your face, it’s a good idea to do a patch test to ensure that you have no allergies.  As for the rest of your body, natural oils make excellent moisturizers.  When applied right out of the shower or bath, it allows your skin to absorb the oil and moisturize immediately.  You do not want to apply so much that you look as though you’re ready for the oven.  A little oil will go a long way.


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