Style is one factor in creating your personal brand, and it’s probably the easiest way to reinvent yourself. You may think that having a strong sense of personal style doesn’t matter for what you want to do, but I promise you that it leads to confidence in other more important areas. Your style needs to

For some, running is a fun pastime; for others, it’s a tiresome necessity. But no matter where you fall on the running spectrum, if you’re striving to become better, then here are seven things you can do to become a better runner. Keep it consistent: If you stop running for a while, then you’ll have to

You all know that the main key to having great looking skin is a basic skin care regimen for your beautiful black skin. You cleanse, tone and moisturize your face.  However, even after you cleanse, tone and moisturize and find your skin in great condition, there are still little things that you might feel need

We generally think of Natural Black Skin Care as that of caring for your face but your entire body is covered with the largest organ unto itself, Your Beautiful Black Skin. You see,  your skin covers all of your inner organs:  your muscle, your veins, your skeletal frame …. you get the idea. Black Skin Care Regimen Your