In the October issue of Vogue, three-time cover girl Lupita Nyong’o talks about growing up in Nairobi, and her desire to see more African narratives represented in Hollywood and beyond. “I want to create opportunities for other people of color because I’m fortunate enough to have a platform to do that,” she said. Recently, Nyong’o


It’s hard to imagine a more troubling scene: a yellow school bus engulfed in flames.  That’s what residents of 51st Street in College Park, Maryland, saw Monday afternoon. But all 20 students of Glenarden Woods Elementary School in Prince George’s County made it off the bus safely thanks to the driver. Reneita Smith jumped into action when she saw


Inez Yeargan Kaiser stood just 5 feet tall, but she was a force to be reckoned with. The 98-year-old entrepreneur recently died, leaving behind an impressive record of accomplishments… and firsts, like being the first African American woman to own a national public relations company.  >Her accomplishments Kaiser was born April 22, 1918, in Kansas


The Apple HBCU Scholarship Program is offered to eligible college students who are in their final year of college at a HBCU institution. Eligible students include those who are majoring in Computer Science, Information Science/Technology, Mathematics, and/or Engineering. Candidates must be currently juniors with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.3. They must also have


  Nationwide — Inspired by the global phenomenon #blackgirlmagic, has been launched to empower Black girls and boys around the world to achieve success. The hashtag discussion group recently started on Twitter and quickly gained momentum as great Black women achieved supernatural success in sports, entertainment, business and other industries. During the 2016 Olympics, the hashtag dominated


  The field of law has one of the least amounts of diversity of any professions, with 88 percent of lawyers being white, and only 33 percent with women as partners. It is definitely not a profession chosen often by young black women. But 3 young African American women have succeeded in opening their own